Breeding Plan

Below is a list of our tentative 2022/2023 breeding plans. All are subject to change (that’s part of the fun in breeding). Due dates are approximate, as we pen breed and often do not know the exact date of breeding. We will post new births on Facebook and on this website.   We don’t take reservations on unborn goats at this time. After kids are born I will accept a 50% deposit on kids I have priced for sale.  If the kid has not been priced yet, please feel free to contact me to express interest in making a purchase.  Please familiarise yourself with our sales policy before purchasing a goat from Mc6 Family Farm.

DAMSIRETentative Breeding DatePregnancy confirmed:Due DateExtras & NotesPrice
The Eldridge Farm ZenyattaGTB farm Nacho Place to judge11/5/222/23
Prairie Wood Bona PetiteGTB farm Nacho Place to judge10/221/10/231B, 1D
Winning Streak Bianca Woodbridge Farm Count on Me +*B11/17/223 bucks. $750
SG Old Mountain Farm Sweet Leaf 3*MAmethyst Acres Beau Valentino *B12/22Extras: polled, & blue eyes possible
The Mc6 Mini Snowberry LipstickCedar View Yoshua *BExtras: polled, moon spots & blue eyes possible
Mc6 Beau ItaliaCedar View Yoshua *B12/22Extras: polled, & blue eyes possible
Mc6 Beau LushberryCedar View Yoshua *B6/2211/10/222 blue eyed polled bucklings
available, unregistered
Mc6 Beau-RoyalCedar View Yoshua *B11/5/2212/223/30/23extras: blue eyes, polled possible
Six Oaks RosalindaAmethyst Acres Beau Valentino *B or Cedar View yoshua *B11/6/2212/6/223/31/23
Cade’s Lil’ Farm AX FireflyYoshua or Nacho6/9/2211/6/222 does retained for now
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