Photos by Cheryle Moore-Smith & courtesy of Feather and Scale Farm

SG 1*M Old Mountain Farm Sweet Leaf

We are thrilled to welcome Sweetie to Mc6 Farm in 2021. Sweet Leaf or “Sweetie” has the all around best conformation at Mc6 Farm. Her body capacity is fantastic, her top line is level and she has a nice even rump. Her udder is high and tight with great teat placement. Her teats are soft and pliable with fantastic orifices, and she’s a pleasure to hand milk.

Sweetie earned her Superior Genetics designation from ADGA in 2016, along with her milk star designation.

We look forward to incorporating Sweetie in our breeding program & entering her in the show ring to give her the opportunity to shine in that place as well.

Linear Appraisal
2022 (8 yr. old): VVEE 89
2021 (7 yr. old): EEV+ 88
2018 (4 yr. old): VEEE 90
2016 (2 yr. old): VVEE 89

Height: 22″

Markings/Colorings: Chamoisee with white

Date of Birth: 2/22/14

SS: MI Sugar Creek WM Yogi

Sire: CUatLilRedBarn Bozo

SD: Old Mountain Farm Tsukiko

DS: Old Mountain Farm Java Zip

Dam: SG 2*M Old Mountain Farm RainEDayWomN “RainEDayWomN” is dam to the 2017 Spotlight Sale Buckling; Old Mountain Farm Brainstorm who sold for $10,400.00. RainEDayWomN consistently produces show quality offspring that exhibit grace and elegance. She has a beautiful head & perfectly shaped & sized & a well attached udder.

DD: 1*M MCH Denning Hill Michi Kasu ‘E’

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