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***If you are purchasing a goat, Mc6 Family Farm will assume that you have read our Health Guarantee.***

Hold Deposit

To hold the kid(s) you want, until weaning and shipping time, you will need half down as a deposit. Once a deposit is received, it is Non Refundable if you do not go through with the sale for any reason. All Nigerians come with ADGA applications or papers, and can be triple registered with AGS and NDGA unless otherwise stated. Discounts on Multiple purchases. (On Breeding Stock, take $25 off each additional kid after one is purchased)

Health Guarantee as Follows:

  • We sell animals that are healthy at the time of transfer. A purchaser has the right to a full Veterinary examination at his/her expense on any animals to be purchased before they leave here. Our vet charges $55 for a health certificate.
  • We will not feel any responsibility for the health of an animal purchased from us beyond 24 hours from the time it leaves the farm unless we are presented with a Vet’s official statement that the animal in question had a condition prior to transfer.
  • The risk of loss transfers to new owners once the animal leaves our farm.
  • We guarantee our goats are free of CAE, CL and Johnes, but you must test for this within one week of them arriving at your place.
  • We test all our does at least once a year for CL, Johnes and CAE. Our last testing was January 2023.

Biosecurity Test Results

Winning Streak Count on You

DOB: 11/15/2022


Sire: GCH Wood Bridge Farm Count on Me +*B VVE88 (3xGCH 3xBOB 1xBIS)

DOB: 4/24/17        Height: 22.5” 

SD: GCH Wood Bridge Farm CountNBlessngs 1*M VEEV89  1st place yearling milker at the 2016 ADGA National Show, 4th place 4yo doe at the 2019 ADGA National Show

SDD: CH Wood Bridge Farm Xoleeta VVEE90 sDS: Old Mountain Farm Nightshade  

SS: CH Wood Bridge Farm Undeniable  SSD: CH Atwood Acres Dott SSS: CH Wood Bridge Farm Understated VEE89  

Count’s dam, CountNBlessns, is a stunning doe. She was the 1st place yearling milker at the 2016 ADGA National Show and has blossomed into an incredible aged doe. Count has a strong front end assembly with excellent brisket extension, good spring of rib, width and depth of barrel, and walks on strong, straight legs, with upright pasterns. He is long and flat boned throughout, especially in the rump area. Count was undefeated as a Jr buck, taking Jr Champion every time he entered the ring. He matured into a deep, powerful buck with a very strong head (scored Excellent) and big, flaring nostrils. His offspring all have very stylish general appearance. Count’s dam was the 4th place 4yo doe at the 2019 ADGA National Show.

Count has a reputation of putting lovely udders on his daughters. He also stamps them with consistency. So far, he has 2 finished daughters (both finished as 2yo’s) as well as 3 finished sons!

Count’s daughters performed exceptionally well at the 2021 ADGA National show. He sired the 3rd/3rd udder 3yo, Darlin Diva, the 8th place 2yo, Stella, the 6th place yearling milker, Snow Boots, and the 9th place Jr yearling, Pumpkin Pie.

DAM: Winning Streak EB Bianca (1xGCH 1xBIS) VV+E89 as a 2F with a 41 RUH

DD: Egidio WL Celesta 1*MDDD: Trilogy Ranch MH Honey BeatDDS: Trilogy Ranch Whiskey Lullaby

DS: Phoenix Farm Exotic Bird +*B DSD: SGCH Phoenix Farm Summer Bird 4*M EEEE91 DSS: Castle Rock Iceberg +*B

At her first ever show Bianca  earned her Jr champion leg accompanied with a BEST JR DOE IN SHOW win! Bianca is SO long, level, angular, and couples that with a beautiful  mammary system that is well attached with a lovely medial, smooth fore, and super milkable texture. We look forward to showing her here in the near future. She is also on milk test & we expect that she will easily earn her AR milk star.

Bianca kidded three bucks & we are excited to keep one as a herdsire here at Mc6!

SOLD: Lushberry & her buckling

$450 for both

DOB: Lushberry 11/6/2021, Buckling 11/10/2022

Lushberry is currently in milk. She kidded twin bucks with ease and is a good mother, learning quickly on the milk stand. She is lovable!

SOLD: Mc6 Winterberry

DOB: 2/27/21

  • $500

Winterberry is a lovely doe out of Southern Grace Cavalier. She has freshened once & has a nice udder. Please see Winterberry’s page for more details about this lovely doe. She is polled & has blue eyes. She is ADGA & AGS registered. She is possibly bred to Nacho or even feisty Yoshua (who broke through the pen) for March/April kids.

Click here to see Winter’s page.

SOLD: Prairie Wood Bona Petite

Deposit received (J.P.)

DOB: 1/28/21

  • $750

Bona Petite is out of both a finished champion dam & sire. She has a nice level top line. She has freshened once and is one of our smaller does. She is dual registered with ADGA & AGS and will be available in February once she freshens.

Click here to see Petite’s page.

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